Monthly Archives: July 2012

here are some pictures i took this week of my beautiful friend karla.

some simple fashion + beautiful face, voila!


this was one of the most disappointing days ever, the main reason being I couldn’t attend the swim 2013 fashion week in Miami Beach. It wasn’t meant to be i suppose. Anywho, i totally stalked part of the show through Free People’s Instagram. So here are a few pictures of the venue, the Raleigh hotel, and the designer, Mara Hoffman (my favorite), and things of that nature. All credit goes to Free People.


** check it out, Free People has free shipping this weekend without any promo code!!

a girl can dream… two acquisitions that are too rad for me not to have. since i have NO funds, i’ll just blog about how awesome i’d look in these bad boys. let me leave before i get all teenage emotional.

Check out one of my favorite artist, Devendra Banhart, and his at-the-time girlfriend, Rebecca Schwartz, in the 2011 campaign for Oliver People. It was filmed in a beautiful house in California.  The song is called “Brindo” by Devendra Banhart himself. I think we should bring this back…