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here is few snaps from this week! from my sorel boots to the sardine-packed terrace at school. check it out! goodluck to anyone in hurricane issac’s direct path. i probably will loose power, but you guys need to watch out for flying 2×4’s, roof tiles, and other flying projectiles…stay indoors pleaseeeeee. Advertisements

for a while now, well before I even dreamt of starting this blog, I had been following a teenager that was well on her way to being a big name model. It was really interesting to watch her go to local shoots and really evolve as a model because as an outsider, you are getting second hand experiences that give  a better perspective on not only the modeling industry but fashion industry as a whole.

Her blog, –monophobia, is evidence that models are just as human as the next person and that their everyday routine is equally busy. This Kentucky girl has just recently graduated from high school and signed with the prominent NEXT agency. The very agency that have signed Abby Lee and Alexa Chung.

I was lucky enough to ask her a few question, so here they are!

Since when have you been modeling & what turned you onto the fashion industry? Alexander McQueen. The first moment I saw his work i fell in love with the art that is fashion, so when I was approached about 2 years to see if I wanted to be a model, I figured— hey why not?

What is the biggest sacrifice that comes with the job? Food. You can’t eat what you want and it really sucks, haha.

What designer do you dream of working for? It used to be McQueen, but now that Sarah Burton has taken over, I’ve lost my extreme need to walk for him and be in his clothes, because it’s just not the same. One of my ultimate dreams is to be a VS Angel, it’s so fun and much easier on the body. It’s a great position for a platform to talk to girls about healthy ways to get in shape, and things like that.

Which type of job do you prefer most; editorial, beauty, runway, etc. I prefer editorial and beauty over runway, but you kind of have to runway eventually if you want to get the big clients. There is definitely appeal in the insanity of fashion week, but I love being behind a camera and changing into all these insane personas!

In longer terms, do you think you’ll stick to modeling or evolve to another part of the industry? I want to stick to modeling, ideally I would love to become that it-girl that gets to PR because she’s so fashion forward and so popular of a model.

What is your advise to anyone that wants a career in the fashion industry? I would advice girls who want to model to be prepared to hear people tell them no a million times, to sign with a good mother agency, and to get as much as experience as possible. It’s really important to study the latest in fashion, to know your stuff, as well. You learn more poses and are more up to date about what looks good, who’s in, and what you to be to make it in this industry. It is not an easy industry to make it in.

To get a better view of the “model life”, follow Olivia on tumblr, twitter, and blogger

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some Dolce Gabbana runway from previous seasons. I found these to be particularly inspiring because they are all distinct pieces. enjoy! The fall makeup giveaway ends wednesday, august 22, 2012 at midnight! Hurry and enter if you have yet to do so! To enter click the link and comment 🙂 photo credit to: chiffon and …

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So this week I’ve been pretty occupied volunteering and making sure I had all my assignments done. I also tried to squeeze in some time for friends because who doesn’t like to end their summer with a big fun bang? With out further delay I present you my back to school guide.

A Backpack! It is the most basic essential you need. The ideal thing to have is something that will carry your books, laptop, pens, and things of that nature but won’t become a hassel to carry. As for style, I am a huge fan on monochromatic backpacks in multi-seasonal colors because then you won’t have a reason to go and change bags every semester. This is my backpack, obviously. It’s a maroon colored Kipling bag that has a compartment for my laptop.

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huge part of fashion is color, and Holi is all about it.

So, Holi; it’s that festival that you see an article on while checking your email, or something you’d find a picture of in National Geographic. Well this is a spectacular video on Holi, and felt compelled to share with you.

As I said earlier, color has a huge role when it comes to fashion. This cultural event puts a beautiful perspective on things and could be somewhat inspiring.

call it a color-tural experience (that was lame, i appologize)

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