back to school

So this week I’ve been pretty occupied volunteering and making sure I had all my assignments done. I also tried to squeeze in some time for friends because who doesn’t like to end their summer with a big fun bang? With out further delay I present you my back to school guide.

A Backpack! It is the most basic essential you need. The ideal thing to have is something that will carry your books, laptop, pens, and things of that nature but won’t become a hassel to carry. As for style, I am a huge fan on monochromatic backpacks in multi-seasonal colors because then you won’t have a reason to go and change bags every semester. This is my backpack, obviously. It’s a maroon colored Kipling bag that has a compartment for my laptop.

Shoes! For schools I keep to sneakers or boots depending on the weather. The Chuck Taylors are my go-to shoes for generally any time of the year, but mostly fall and early winter. The Lucky Brand boots have their short season in winter and the Keds in spring when things are starting to warm up. I also may wear flats but they aren’t too comfortable for school, so I usually opt not too.

Make-up! My make-up routine is pretty fast and simple. I have very little time in the morning due to one to many presses of the snooze button and don’t like to look like i’m wearing a mask. Covergirl Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Strawberry lip balm, and Bourjois powder blush in Lune d’or.

Smell good, look cute?I use Chance eau tendre by Chanel almost alway, and i like to stick to a bright red and light lilac blue color to use. depending on my mood. I usually have two favorite nail polishes that i paint my nails for a while, these are my favorites right now.

Organize it. Have an system set up so that you can turn in your course work at time and you give yourself enough time to take the necessary studying  session. If you do this you’re also giving yourself free time to use to relax or hang out with friends. It’s all about timing.

Both the planner and notebook are from Target.

Pens, pencils, etc. It’s nice to have a place where you can put your pens and pencils in, but it’s even better when you can put your eyeliner and mascara in it too. This LeSportSac makeup bag serves as my faithful writing tool/ makeup/ etc holder. Cute pattern, and useful size. If I have ever seen an A+ this would have to be it.

That’s all I’ve got. No clothing advise because my school has uniform. I hope you all have had a lovely summer. Enjoy your school year, and make it memorable! Also, if you guys want some fall makeup you still have a few days too enter my giveaway! 

click this link and comment on the post to enter to win a fall makeup giveaway!

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