creatures of the wind

as you guys know, I am going to Teen Vogue Fashion University in less than three weeks (wowzers). One of the classes I will be attending is Creatures of the Wind– the Ones to Watch. I am more than excited because their style has always resonated with my love for oddities. I say “oddities” because their style is unique to me; it’s not Calvin Klein clean-cut, but its also not in the Comme des Garcon ball park either. (click the links to see what i am talking about) When I think Creatures of the Wind, I think- Rookie Magazine, Wes Anderson Movies, and Tavi Gevinson.

Their fall 2011 collection is one of my favorites for this season because they have a bright take on earth tones and fall palettes. I am especially fond of the bright plaids.

this one is particularly awesome in all its cool-outfit entirety.

The Creatures of the Wind X Tabitha Simmons shoes!! A present from fashion week. Fact: they are my object of obsession right now. Here is a picture, because you know…

(photo credits to tavi’s instagram)

and lastly (this is almost goodbye), this is my final gift to you, reader. I gift you a vimeo video that was gifted to the internet by creatures of the wind themselves. (I am a gift-re-giver, sue me.)

100 Years from Randy Sterling Hunter on Vimeo.

** disclaimer: when entering and exploring the Creatures of the Wind site, be wary of the uncanny resemblance to the Urban Outfitters webpage. I couldn’t catch it at first, but it was there. It’s much in the font. I’d say that the Creatures of the Wind webpage is a minimalist version of UO, much like the older sister who is more mature in her features but still has the same eyes her little sister has.

I can’t believe in three weeks time, I will be sitting before these awesome designers. My little heart is barely holding on.

Stay tuned for more news on the other classes I will be attending!

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