peter som & phillip lim

Teen Vogue Fashion University Prep Post Series: II

I’m so excited. It’s officially the final countdown (8 days!) It’s getting hard to think about things that aren’t about Teen Vogue Fashion University.

I have some outfits in mind, and all my paperwork in line but that won’t calm me down- not now.


Now, I present you, two designers that fill my little heart with giddy joy; Peter Som and Phillip Lim.

Peter Som

Peter Som has this simple elegance that is timeless. I love his interpretation of rich fall colors in which he uses some Dark Cacao and Hunter Green solids in these wonderful satin and taffeta textures. I was fascinated with the initial winter white pieces. It made great headway into a new trend that is quite favored this season- prominent white blazers. All in all, there is a simplicity ( not just in texture and color, but in the physical shape as well) I can’t get enough off.

Here is a runway clip from his Fall 2012 Collection


Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim was one of those choices I didn’t double think. It’s much like fate had it planned to be this way because I love him so much! Any ways if you want to listen to me talk more about his fall line, you can refer to this older post. (click-clickty-click)

What you should get from this odd little ramble is:

  1. I can’t get enough of Phillip Lim’s “expect the unexpected” attitude, the way he layers the geometry in his clothing, and the balanced patterns.
  2. The Neo-Noire inspiration is praise worthy
  3. I can’t wait to listen to Phillip Lim speak.

Here is a video from the fall runway. He talks a little about the inspiration and concept of the collection.

** trend alert: Be on the look out for the white blazer! Phillip Lim did a good job in disguising it, but it is there. Be wary of an all white, man-repeller-esque-layers, ensemble- that’s the one. The white pants throw you for a loop I suppose.

I’m really pumped. I wish you guys knew how I tremble when I think of TVFU. I’m like a little chihuahua! A fashion oriented chihuahua.. like the ones from those Beverly Hills movies. Yea , I don’t know where this was supposed to go. I just get shaky and I’m small so, that’s that.
I will be posting some clothes that I will be taking soon, but no outfit pictures because that would ruin a wonderful surprise. (I myself don’t generally like surprises, but you might. I think of you reader; I think of you always.)

Well, stay tuned for my Dannijo post! It will be the next post in the prep post series! Happy Thursday!

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