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This picture is perfectly descriptive of the past 24 hours. It’s been a weird 24 hours… and i actually need to sleep so  I thought I’d leave you this preface, if you will, of the story of how I acquired my ultimate black friday champion title. Yes, I said “ultimate”.

I’ll be back. Eventually.

Meanwhile comment what you got this black friday or if you didn’t get anything at all! ANY BLACK FRIDAY STORY GOES. If you guys don’t I’ll just assume you all abandoned me or are jaded towards the whole black friday experience. None the less, comment because i’m interested!

The 6 months of anticipation are over! You all can hop in your cars, jump on those bikes, put the pedal to the power walk metal, and breath a sigh of relief as you make your way to your local H&M store. Once you arrive you will find that they have indeed stocked those coveted Maison Martin Margiela collaboration items you saw on lookbook. And what’s even cooler is that they weren’t joking when they said the prices were affordable.


So this collaboration was announced in June 2012 with the release date of November 15, 2012 (two days ago.) The collaboration collection was to include a variety of vintage designs and classic concepts that were true to MMM. You will find able to find oversized trousers, jackets, “functional” accessories, and more with in $13 to $399. For MMM, who’s prices often races in the thousands, that is quite affordable.

The only problem one might encounter with this collection is the longevity of lines and congestion of H&M stores. (Especially during the holidays… y-i-k-e-s)

I’ve taken the liberty to put together my top picks for the men’s and women’s collection.

Above you have my top 7 pieces from the women’s collection. Starting the top left– I picked the patent pumps with the clear linear heal because it is an every day minimal piece with a very distinct edge that adds dimension to any outfit. The pumps also come in the same patent red, if you black isn’t your thing. If you look to the top right, you will notice i also picked the sneakers. The sneaker trend has come along way since the Isabel Marant hidden-heel-hightops and the other predecessor high top trends.  These particular sneakers have a unisex vibe (this will make sense soon, just keep reading) that complements the plain white and creme color scheme. I am a huge fan of solid colors and complementary pieces if you haven’t notice by now, it’s kind of my thing- “kind of”. My favorite accessory from the whole collection is the shiny pink wrapper clutch. It reminds me of those DIY of book clutches in which you hollow out a book, add a clasp, and BAM you have achieved continual academic perception and functionality (SIMULTANEOUSLY). Though you might not have people admiring you for your scholarly efforts, the clutch will add the same creative element. It’s like your carrying a big air head around with you. (There is something cool about carrying candy with you, not fun sized but oversized candy! In this case it’s candy wrapping… but feel free to use the clutch to carry candy around with you? Point to be made, it’s a cool clutch.) From here on out, everything begins to bleed together in an interchangeable manner. The draped skirt was one of my favorites because it reminded me of when I was little, I used to love to get really long skirts and drape them into different parts of the waist and fashion it into new styled skirts. Paired with a white short sleeve button down or a bodycon long sleeve, I can see wonders for this skirt. To be risque or not to be risque, it doesn’t matter because with the body suit you can fake indecency. There have been a few times were I wanted to wear just the bra out, but the weather didn’t permit ( I guess it was for the best). Also, maybe you don’t want to show off the midsection but still want the nude/black bra combo- well that’s were the bodysuit has your back. I’d wear the body suit with the olive capri trousers (bellow the sneakers) and a sweater or jacket to top it off. The last thing I want to mention is the oversized jacket. Being a really tiny person makes most clothes “oversized”, but that doesn’t mean i don’t go with it. Oversized clothes especially knit sweaters and overcoats have a way of giving perspective of the body wearing them. The idea of that oversized wool peacoat paired with those capri trousers and maybe some statement jewelry (say, Dannijo? #putabibonit) sounds like a dream to me.

Here it goes, “Monique now your into men’s fashion?” Yes and no. No this isn’t going to evolve into an all men’s fashion blog, yes I do appreciate men’s fashion to some degree. I believe all aspects of fashion are ultimately relevant.

Anyways, this should be brief. My favorites emerges from two specific outfits. The first outfit consists of the inside-out jeans the print wool sweater and the sneakers (make sense now?). The second outfit has the same jeans, the neutral long sleeve ( top center) and the pale khaki loafers. Lastly, I included the denim jacket because if anyone so wanted to replicate the infamous 2001 Brit and Justine all denim ensemble, they might as well try with some Maison Martin Margiela help. (If any guy out there wants to try the MMM all denim get up, please send pictures in.)

That’s all for now, those are my top picks. To finish this rather long post I have included some pictures   (from the Flamboyant Magazine)  of models wearing the collection pieces.

show me it's real
Michael Van Der Ham off the shoulder dress / Hakaan peplum dress / Kenzo full skirt dress /
Christian Louboutin high heel shoes / Proenza Schouler tote handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs
leather handbag / DANNIJO skull jewelry / DANNIJO jewelry / DANNIJO jewelry /
This is part of a holiday gift guide- the more expensive portion. the theme being, if you have some one significant in your life who you’re shopping for this holiday, these are some things I’d consider gifting.
in simpler terms: if you REALLY love me, show me it real.