vs fashion show

for those of you who weren’t aware (you must be new to the internet or live under some cool rock), there is the annual victoria’s secret fashion show on cbs tonight at 10/9c. but for those of you who have a twitter/facebook/tumblr/instagram/pinterest/internet/all of the above, you probably are more than just aware, you must be nauseated by how bombarded your live feed is with insecurities, obsessions, sexualization, and other similar contingents. i know because i am more than 800% done with the whole lot of it.

this is my objective public service announcement, because anyone who enables an environment where people can keep circulating useless banter is public enemy number one– HEY! there is a cool fashion show tonight at 10/9c on CBS featuring the best of the best for the brand you girls love to get your loungewear and undies from, victoria’s secret!

the show was pre-recorded, so here are some sneak peak pictures. (via Zimbio)

also,performances by rihanna & justin bieber (whoahah).

on a final note, and an important one at that: please stop feeling insecure about runway shows. nobody expects you to be like miranda kerr, cara delavigne, or any other model. you will never be “perfect” if you compare yourself to miranda kerr, just like miranda kerr will never be “perfect” trying to be you. if you want to be a debbie-downer and waste all your time (time you will never get back) mopping about the impossible, go right ahead. just do it in the confines of your home, off the internet. there is no need to promote that poisonous mentality that creates cancerous complexes in the minds of young men and women. you were not miranda kerr yesterday, or today, and unfortunately, you won’t be her tomorrow either. 

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  1. Mere said:

    Thank you! Finally someone says something about the fashion show I agree with! I’m tired of all of these mopey and gorgeous girls complaining about it!

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