nifty gifties

clutches and sunglasses

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday (christmas, hanukkah, weekday, doomsday, etc.)! I am glad to announce, we have not died. Life on the lovely blue planet earth continues to proliferate and flourish. All is well (score 1 mayans).

As the holiday/gift-giving/gluttony fades away in the warm bokeh christmas lights, we turn a new page on our calendars and prepare to welcome a new year. Before we can jump through into 2013, we mustn’t forget wonderful end of the year sales that just beg to be taken advantage of. If you got a gift that you aren’t fond of, make sure to return it before the value depreciates! (suggestion: do it before new years)

** F.Y.I: the Neiman Marcus x Target Collection is temporarily 50% off! Offer Expires 1/1/2013, and all returns must be made bye 1/5/2013. Meaning, if you have been eye-balling that Marc Jacobs clutch like I have… it’s $34.99. Go for it, all lights green, petal to the metal. 

Any ways, here are a few “nifty gifties” I was lucky enough to get this holiday season.

Marc Jacobs for Target Charcoal clutch, BCBG rose gold envelop clutch, Spitfire tortoise retro glasses, Free People floral print socks, Francesca’s Closet bear beanie, Rookie Yearbook One, Scottish Fine Soaps seaweed soap, Essie “Penny Talk”, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

comment below your favorite/worst gift of the 2012 holidays!

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