award season: anne hathaway

ChanelCritics Choice Award

In the ripeness of a new year we enter award season. Aside from acknowledging the fine accomplishments artists have made in the past year, award season is also about who is wearing what. All the reporters hosting the red carpet pre-award coverage edge in the question,”You look amazing! Look at you! Now, tell me… who are you wearing tonight.” Some fashion favorites of the press included Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Hudson, and my personal favorite, Anne Hathaway.

After watching Anne Hathaway’s crystalized Chanel dress at the Golden Globe Awards, I figured she should receive some mention. (not that I’m particularly qualified or anything). Certainly, if Anne hath a way, she knows how to dress. Pixie cut, berry lips, and slim lengthy dresses seem to be her present red carpet image. And it works for her.

My two favorite outfits of her’s from the 2013 award season is the Golden Globe white crystal Chanel dress with a slight peplum, and the Critics Choice Award Oscar De La Renta gilded grown.

Anne has come a long way since the Princess Diaries (2001)… Well done Paolo.

(images via Huffington Post)

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