snaps: january

About three weeks into 2013, I’ve yet to harness the blogging/academia balance. I’m getting there… but I’m not quite there yet.

Basically, what you’re looking at is Karla and my city/weekend. The hardest part about being a student, is overcoming the length of the week. As you get closer to graduation all you want to do are the things you love, and assignments become deadlines. I know that feeling of fervid verve as the ending of a long semester brings a long-sought, momentary, simmer right before the new semester slingshots you back into overdrive. To people in the same situation, (students): hang tight. Between the long weekends and spring break we should come out of it alive and well with our GPA’s intact.

Keep meeting deadlines, and remember to make time for the things you love. happy hump day.

remember her?

remember her?

key biscayne

key biscayne


all images from my instagram- @zabaf)

  1. Hey there! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. The shoes are extremely comfortable, and easily broken into in a good way! So if you get them, don’t get a size bigger than usual because they feel tight in the store but they stretch!

    By the way that sushi looks SO good! and I totally get you about balancing college and blogging, it’s a challenge.

    Nasreen || Lazy Obsession

  2. Aitana said:

    That sushi looks so yummy ;D


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