Monthly Archives: March 2013

backpacking by habras featuring a beach backpack
with summer on the seasonal horizon and the academic year drawing near the end, the mind begins to narrow. it focuses on the dream of an adventure. in fact, day dreaming becomes a full time occupation. (more so in the pencil-pushing workplace) yes, it's all setting in. as the anxiety marinates while i wait for this school year to expire, i have drawn together this tiny wish list. it's the love child of my wanderlust and bag-obsession. they're two bags (from left to center) that are collapsable, queue swoon, and all the bags for the most part are made of materials that are meant to weather the elements. the colors, most of all, liven the mood and are consistent with the upcoming spring and summer holidays! i would gladly take any of these pals on my back to the beach, california, a theme park, or even a friend's house. ** oh, and props to Roxy for having the best gear EVER.