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Thursday night was the opening of a new gallery in Downtown Miami. The exhibits featured a  group of prolific European photographers in the historical Security Building.

Miami, especially the Wynwood/Downtown/Miami Beach areas, is known to harbor a particular fervor for art. Such a love  can be seen in the the grandiosity of the street art, the many contemporary museums, the seasonal art festivals and flee markets. The CU-1 debut exhibit, Look at Me, is game-changing among the Miami art scene. CU-1 is one of the few galleries to focus on photography and host an international variety of photographers.

Architectural designs by Paul Solomons // Photographed by Simon Emmett

by Paul Solomons // Photographed by Simon Emmett

CU-1 is located in the historic Security Building. Before antiquation, the Security Building was a bank. All that is left now is chips of the once detailed crown moldings and the old vault in the back.  On the first floor, after mazing through a labyrinth of beautifully curated prints you reach a small doorway into the vault. The rusty, intimidatingly-large, sturdy-looking vault door greets you on your way into the slightly humid, graffiti and corroded safe. The Berlin duo Billy & Hells is displayed in the vault. 

The first floor, not including the vault, featured Roger Weber, Simon Emmett, Paul Solomons, Christopher Thomas, and Tina Luther. The second floor featured a chill dj resemblant of Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here (glasses, crazy beard, the whole nine-yards) and prints from Tina Luther, Roger Weber, and Christopher Thomas.

The whole event was wonderful, a few friends and I volunteered as docents. I feel privileged to have seen the debut. Most contemporary museums display a variety of abstract paintings and sculptures, but rarely are prints featured. The photo space created by CU-1 is as easy to enjoy as the magazines in which the photographs might otherwise be displayed. I might add, fashion is more interesting when it’s not in the context of a magazine; It becomes less suggestive and allows for honest opinions.

Besides the gifts of a year-round summer, Miami also graces it’s city-dwellers with the locality of international art. It doesn’t get any better than this. I recommend, if it’s with in your means, that you vist the CU-1 gallery.

heads up: If you still haven’t guessed my feelings, I really love this gallery. 

Look At Me

CU-1 Gallery: 117 NE 1st Avenue, Downtown Miami, 33132